Springtime Eye Candy

John Clark’s first spring season. I’ll never forget falling in love with these blue eyes and rosy cheeks. He gets his blue eyes from his granddaddies – Jim (Wesley’s dad) and Jeff (my dad) both have/had these pretty blue eyes. Notice how they all have “J” names, too? Not a coincidence ;)

I just can’t put into words how happy this happy, goofy baby boy makes me.






Here are a few recent candid shots. JC plays his first notes…


Next, I’m pretty sure Whitman believes that John’s play mat is actually HIS play mat… they truly love to keep each other company. I can’t imagine if I had not grown up with pets… all the laughter and cuddles and companionship I would have missed out on. There’s no way I would deny that from my John Clark! As soon as John started playing in the floor more often he immediately bonded with Whitman and Sixx. Lily (our other cat not pictured) is not too interested in him, yet.


I think this next picture is so funny… they are making eye contact and I’m pretty sure Sixx is thinking “BALL! OMG you have a ball!” Just wait until JC learns how to play fetch with Sixx… her little dorgi legs will be so worn out!


OK, here’s a shot of little Lily with her cronies… couldn’t leave her out :)


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