New Morning Workout… and other things.

Have I mentioned my new morning workout? I break a sweat every time. I’m building stronger shoulder, back, and arm muscles… and patience. It’s called getting my one year old dressed for the day. My one year old who does NOT want to sit (especially lay) still for one second! It’s a little dueling, but mostly hilarious… once I catch my breath.

John Clark is on the move. He is talking quite a bit as well. He picks up something new every day.  It’s so amazing to watch! Raising this growing little boy is the most fun we have ever had. Watching the world unfold through his innocent eyes is like a breath of fresh air into our own perspective – along with our growing responsibilities of things like protecting and training JC to understand what right and wrong.

Life is so simply primal when it comes to the things that make the heart grow. These things never change through all our modern evolution. It’s really just one thing – love. Love that makes a man and a woman create life, and the consuming, indescribable love we feel for that life. Whew!

Wait a minute… I smell poop. I think there is a surprise waiting for me in John’s diaper. See? Primal. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Love. Protect. Have fun and laugh! Life is good. :)

Here’s the my-baby’s-a-toddler-now list I’ve kept lately:

  • Pats on the bed and says “bed”
  • H words – he is all about saying “hot!” – this caught on during breakfast and escalated to lamps, the stove (of course), anything really… everything is hot. And hurt. He taps his head on the desk? “Hurt!” His foot gets bumped on the corner when we’re walking down the hallway… “hurt!”
  • Claps (for daddy) – I’ve been trying to teach him to clap his hands for weeks. Daddy does it one day, and boom. We have a clapper.
  • I love the sound of his cackle. Pure uninhibited laughter. If “joy” were a sound, his laugh is it.
  • His little face lit up from the projector/nightlight in our bedroom at night… big blue eyes turned up to the ceiling, watching the moving pictures is awe… I’m overwhelmed with warming moments like this, seeing things through his eyes.
  • Hands me the book he prefers (usually ones with animals and the “Little Blue Truck”)
  • Knows where his nose, hair, ear, mouth, feet, and belly button is!
  • Has said “hurt” after burping and pooting (separate occasions)
  • Also says “poot” after someone… well ya know
  • Feeling emotions like anger and frustration at times
  • Said hi to another baby in Target!
  • Said “hey man” when daddy said it
  • Said “curtain”
  • Says “toast”
  • More inflection in his voice… and squealing!
  • Said “mess” (“You made a mess!”)
  • Likes to pull his eyelashes (no!!)
  • Plays independently more and more, so fun to watch him explore and entertain himself, wondering what is going through his imagination…
  • Daddy showed him a pen one day (the kind you click to make the point pop in and out) and he was just AMAZED
  • Says “hi!” to everyone in stores… I’ve never had so much fun grocery shopping. I know it seems like most moms hate taking their kids to the store but we haven’t reached that stage… yet?
  • Blows kisses <3
  • Gives actual kisses <3 <3 <3
  • Screeches when daddy and I are talking (“listen to ME!”)
  • Screeches startle Whitman (one of our cats) and make him jump out of his skin (great entertainment)
  • Loves to play with Sixx (dog), follows her around and pets her, loves to get licked and giggles
  • Granddaddy Jim – cuh-RAZY over his granddaddy… if he is in his presence, he insists on his constant attention and/or being held by him.
  • Popped off while nursing once, waved and said byebye, went right back to nursing and fell asleep. Hilarious.
  • Every day, as we lay down for your afternoon nap, the afternoon sun shining into the bedroom windows hit us hard, warm and bright, and it feels so comforting. It certainly distinguishes that time of our day.

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