Let me count the ways… that make me feel 30.

I conjured up this little list the day before I turned 30. Then of course I made an even longer list of all the amazing ways my sweet baby boy is developing.

Me, feeling 30:

  • Kids call me ma’am
  • I call them kids (teenagers)
  • I like cole slaw
  • I actually read and follow the care instructions on garments
  • I eat fruits and vegetables daily and enjoy them more than Doritos and Pepsi
  • My most exciting birthday gift is that my husband is putting up shelves above our desk (it’s going to be so awesome! Baskets and containers of organized stuff!)
  • The last time I drank liquor was, like, 3 or 4 Halloweens ago. That night is still turning me off from mixed drinks.
  • So much change happened in the last five years.
  • I kind of cringe at how I handled some situations in my first “real jobs.” But I was young and fresh and they knew that. And I did some pretty awesome stuff, too, if I say so myself.

The experience gained and lessons learned in my twenties are priceless.

I met my my love at 20.

He watched me grow through the decade of life he was coming out of at the time we met. (Eight years difference.) I couldn’t have made it through those years without him. We were meant to find each other.

What really blows my mind is the inner workings of this little miracle we created, our son. Watching him catapult from a squishy fresh newborn into this little boy starting to talk and (almost) walk… it’s just so crazy cool.

I also made this list of JC’s current tricks and milestones the night before I turned 30:

  • Handing us everything (sharing!)
  • Crazy sleep positions (practicing his new movement skills in his sleep, I believe)
  • Separation anxiety – definitely does not like it when we leave the room sometimes
  • Reading books – he loves story time! He points at the pictures and says “dat?” so we are always telling him what *that* is… this is everywhere all the time, not just with books :)
  • Watching videos, tv, FaceTime… screens make more sense to him now. The aren’t just bright colors. (Trust me though, he hardly ever watches tv. I never turn it on during the day. I just catch him paying attention to it from time to time if we have something on in the evening or on the weekend.)
  • Kisses… I pucker my lips and say “give me kisses?” and he leans in and kisses me! so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  • Imitating funny faces and sounds daddy makes
  • All of a sudden grabbed his little brush from me one night after his bath and started brushing his own hair!
  • Obvious he really understands what we say… “Come here” and he comes, responds to us and “talks” like he knows exactly what he means
  • Shaking one foot… sometimes he will stand up holding on to his gate at the hallway and lean on one foot while shaking the other one to the side… funny little quirk.
  • He has six teeth! We brush them every night and he loves his toothbrush! He likes to suck the water off the bristles and (mostly) lets me actually brush his teeth. We are trying to make it fun!
  • Talking to Siri – so all of a sudden one night he mashes the home button on my iPhone, pulls up Siri and tells her “Hi!” She responded.
  • Eats what mommy and daddy are eating
  • “Ahhhh” when we drink – he noticed our “ahhhhs” after we take a good slug of water – so of course he does it too :)
  • Spinning himself in circles – sitting on his behind, he will use the heels of his feet to pull himself around 360 degrees
  • Speaking into cups or toys with holes – he loves to hear the echo of his voice in things that are hollow… he loves when we do it, too :)
  • Night night – this one is so sweet! We will tell him to “go night night” and he will lay his head down on its side on a cushion or on our chest <3, depending on where he is (no, it is not this easy to get him to actually go to sleep!)
  • Clicks his tongue and “mouth popping” – he has been doing these little tricks for a while – and he is so proud when he does!
  • Stinky foot game – prompted or not, he will stick or pull his foot up in the air expecting you to “sniff” it and go “shoooooo! stinky foot!!” His daddy taught him that one. And most of the others!

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