Jam-packed, joy-filled mornings

It’s amazing how eventful a day can be with a toddler before the clock even strikes 10 a.m. Yesterday we received Toys ‘r’ us’ Christmas catalog in the mail and showed John Clark some of the pictures, particularly Elmo. (He already has a couple of books that feature Elmo and he is obviously a fan.) He started saying “mel-mo!” We melt. Fast forward to this morning and zombie-mommy-is-basically-sleep-walking was cooking breakfast, JC sitting in his high chair munching on grapes, and daddy holds up┬áthat toy catalog to comment on a photo of a little boy dressed up as a ninja turtle saying “one day he will be running around the house looking like this”… then all of a sudden JC points at the catalog and yells “MEL-MO!!!”

I wonder what he might get for Christmas?

Later in the morning before we conked out for nap time (mommy catch her breath time) we FaceTimed with my mom, aka Mimi. It so warms my heart that we have this technology and JC LOVES to FaceTime! It’s like he puts on a show for her. He sat still in my lap for a good while just chatting and showing Mimi his latest tricks – making his fish face, showing his belly, pointing out his ear and toes, and of course commenting on the cats (“dat!”). Eventually though he got antsy and started walking around, handing me books to read, playing with his truck, and coming back to the phone every so often to say hi again. I just hold the phone up so mom can watch him do his thing in real time, from 168 miles away.

He also said another new word this morning…┬áthis must be one he has picked up with his grandparents who are always pointing out the birds outside their windows. We were playing in the floor and there was a lot of chirping going on outside. He is so aware of everything. Anyway, he pointed at the windows and shouts “bird!!!!” That’s not the first time he has associated something (through sight and now just sound) with the right word without being prompted. Recently we were grocery shopping and as we passed through the produce and a big stock of bananas he shouted “NANAS!!!” Of course I was so proud we made pictures and texted daddy and all the grandparents. It’s amazing how smart this kid is and how my little baby is totally a little toddler now.

We also had a funny “bathroom humor” moment this morning but I guess I’ll keep that one private. Let’s just say he knows words.

I woke up exhausted and trudged through the first bit of the morning, not sure if the coffee was going to work and if I would ever perk up. Lordy. This little house is bursting with so much joy and mind blowing, rapid human development, it’s kind of hard to stay in a funk.

Just look at this. We are about a week into full-on walking. Can you sense the excitement?

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