Finding Time

I’ve been writing a blog post in my head for weeks. I don’t take time to sit down at my desktop much these days and that is why I have not updated here much. But I am committed to keeping this going. I am getting better at just letting some of the little things go. As soon as I have a spare minute I start pacing the house distracting myself with every possible “thing” I can get done and at the end of the day I have 2 unfinished loads of laundry, a kitchen I’ve messed up and cleaned up 3 times in 8 hours, and I’m still in my pajamas. As Wesley keeps telling me – I need to prioritize! Anyway, point is – I’m making it a point to make time for things like my blog and showering – even if the house is a mess and the laundry pile has reached the ceiling.

Below is what I’ve been composing on my iPhone… I’m eager to share and document thoughts and photos at this time in our lives, because time is changing everything way WAY too fast.

Well, it turns out I don’t have a lot of extra time to sit down at our computer and write blog posts. I suppose if I were actually a writer I would feel the need to write… in order to be fulfilled… but, I’m not a writer and I don’t sit down at the computer much these days. I actually don’t sit down very often at all during the day! Then I remembered I have a keyboard at my fingertips all day, every day. Obviously I’m just now catching on to the paradigm shift that is we compute on the go these days and it’s really pretty convenient to jot down my thoughts with my fingertips on that touch screen I’m permanently attached to. I almost thought “oh, but that wouldn’t be REAL writing…”

Sometimes if you wait for the perfect time or moment or mood to do something… you will never do it!!

So anyway. That was the long version of telling you I’m writing this on my iPhone. Sometimes I complicate things.

My little boy is growing too fast. Everyone says they grow so fast and I heard it so much it borderlined irritating but now I’m literally watching my tiny 10lb baby grow before my eyes. Seriously – sometimes after he takes a nap I think the circumference of his head grew a little, along with his expanding rib cage, his big little hands, and his strengthening facial features. My baby I once nursed and cradled in my arms most hours of the day and night is now crawling around, showing me his preferences and independence, babbling out more and more halfway meaningful “words”, and pulling up onto his feet. I feel like I need to hold on to each day so tight and revel in every single moment before he is a full blown toddler. Infancy is coming to an end.

He’s still my little baby for now. These are the most wonderful days of my life and I just can’t believe it’s only going to get better.

Here’s a list I’ve been keeping of noteworthy milestones:

  • Favorite solid foods are sweet potatoes, watermelon, dust bunnies, and the “fur” from our faux fur pillows
  • Major crawling & mobility
  • Saying “words” other than momma and dadda – cup, dog, cat, phone…
  • Starting to pull up and stand on his feet
  • Got his two front teeth (and two (four?) others on the way, plus his two bottom teeth he already has)
  • Big, open handed waving (he already did an adorable finger-folded wave AND snaps his fingers)
  • Drinks from a sippy cup on his own
  • Spoon feeds himself sometimes (Mr. Independent)


I am in full transition mode but I can’t seem to catch up with one milestone before the next one comes. Packing up outgrown clothes, baby proofing, watching his appetite grow for big boy foods… phew. Did I mention my almost 10 month old is wearing 18 month old sizes? Mostly. Brands vary. But still. He looks TOO OLD.

Here’s some pics.

I made a little diddy to commemorate JC’s first food experience:


I enjoy¬†preparing yummy homemade, baby-friendly meals! As his appetite grows (and it is) and he gets better at chewing, and has tried a wide variety of foods… my goal is to have him eating the same meals we are around 1 year of age. ¬†This (below) is chicken, sweet potato, peas, and carrots, with a pinch of garlic powder for flavor. I want him to experience lots of flavors and textures while he is so open to it!


Did I mention John Clark made the local newspaper’s front page with his a-dor-a-ble patriotic portrait? He was proud.


(His daddy may or may not work at the newspaper.)

Speaking of daddy – he is SO MUCH FUN!


One more… this was taken on his first Fourth of July holiday. His first time “swimming”… he was not quite sure what to think about it. He goes wild during his baths, though! More swimming to come.


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