Fabulous Fall

I can always feel change the most during autumn. You literally see it; you literally feel it… and it’s bold. The colors, the amazing relief from summer heat, Halloween costumes… then it’s Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving. Can we stop making Christmas effective on November 1st? Thanksgiving is pretty sweet, too.

I think my favorite part of this fall was a tree right outside our kitchen window. I painted our kitchen “pumpkin butter”, so it already has this orangey-yellow vibe. I’ve been opening the curtains every day and all day the sun would shine on the beautiful yellow leaves of that tree and reflect in our kitchen the most wonderful ambiance of fall.

We made hundreds a lot of photos of John Clark during the leaves’ peak time. (See a few below.) Fall is transitioning into winter now. The high today is 34 degrees! Needless to say I’m not even opening the front door today. I feel totally awesome for planning a week’s worth of crock pot meals last weekend before I went grocery shopping.

I can’t believe this time last year JC was still so tiny, just shy of two months old. I think I was glowing more then than I ever did when I was pregnant from the precious joy we felt. I didn’t get out of the house much last Fall, we mostly stayed in the laz-y-boy, rocking and nursing (with lots of sleepy breaks!), watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I remember looking out the window last year as well at the beautiful trees that envelop our modest home in the woods. I remember thinking how for nine months I had been anticipating the way I would feel during Fall with a new baby. How all the change that comes with a baby would come at the same time as my favorite seasonal changes.


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