When little John Clark was a wee newborn, I had to watch closely for his hunger cues. Sucking on his fist, smacking his lips, rooting, getting fidgety… Those were some of the ways he communicated he was hungry. Thank goodness I didn’t just pop a pacifier in his mouth or go by a schedule on a clock he had no concept of. So we’ve always gone by his cues for hunger and sleep. We certainly have a routine that gets mostly predictable through its variations but no strict timetable.

Anyway, recently I have realized how much he has changed and grown in his means of communication. His babbles are becoming more meaningful. I’m hearing “Mama!” a lot these days! Just a little while ago, I was working in the kitchen and he was in sight in the living room crawling and tumbling around on the floor, doing his thing. All of a sudden he let out a slightly frantic moan. I knew. “Hold on, let me get the lamb out of the oven!” (Yes, I’ve cooked lamb chops twice now! JC loved it. Lamb is full of iron, which I need to make sure the foods we offer are rich in.) It didn’t take him long just to crawl on over and reach up on momma’s legs, pulling himself up with my pants, whimpering for what he needed. Sure enough, minutes later he has fallen asleep while nursing. Snack time. Wind down time. Break time (for both of us – nursing hormones help mom to feel relaxed and peaceful.)

I guess it seems pretty ordinary but when your little infant grows into a mobile little human getting closer and closer to simply speaking his desires, it’s quite a trip. I guess the pulling on my legs thing will become yet another normal thing he does but right now it’s still fairly new and it kind of melts my heart. He can reach me from across the room and is getting so much clearer with those cues we’ve always been looking for. I don’t really have to look anymore, he just tells me.


Here’s some pics:

(See those teeth?! He has SIX.)

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