April Photolog

Note: I started writing this post long before I published it. The important thing is I finished!

First off, before I dive into things, I just want to share something that I produced yesterday, and I am still patting myself on the back for today:

Knock You Naked Brownies.



I think they speak for themselves. Ok, moving on…

When I was a sophomore at the University of Alabama I was first deep into my web chick/design/blogging hobby. I had a cheap little point and shoot camera I carried around with me everywhere. Actually, until I got an iPhone years later I always had my camera, which my dad eventually upgraded Christmas of 2004 to a FUJIFILM FinePix E550. It’s really a pretty good non-SLR camera.


So I’m a sophomore at UA and it’s my first day of classes. I decided to make a photolog for my blog, which is where I just made pictures all day of what I was doing and then posted them as a little series of photos telling a story of that day in my personal history. I sound like I think I’m the First Lady or something. I think I had a picture of my feet on the quad walking to class, a “selfie” (I curse that word, and I was blowing up my camera with pictures of myself before anyone had a smartphone) where I was sitting on the steps of Gordon Palmer smoking a Parliament (so cool), eating lunch at the ferg, things like that.

The photologs were a pretty neat thing to do and look back on and I did several of those, I believe. I know of one that I have backed up somewhere… but as you can see I lacked good archiving/labeling skills in earlier years, so I’m having a difficult time locating it:


So I’ve got a few of those to sort through. I wish I could find it…

Moving on. I decided to make a photolog with John Clark the other day. It is interesting to remember my life back in college ten years ago, going so many different places and seeing so many people, making new friends and enjoying new experiences… and now years later the amazing experience of family life and motherhood that I cannot begin to put into words and describe how amazing and JOYFUL it is. I WILL find that original photolog from one decade ago. Jeez.

[EDIT] I found some old photolog pics! I never could find the HTML files where I had them all layed out in order, but it’s still fun to look at these. These are from various times throughout 2004-2005… I think that’s right. Some are from Tuscaloosa and some are from Decatur. I’ll try to reassemble them in chronological order… Old photolog pics [/EDIT]

April 23, 2014

We wake up and go through our morning routine, get dressed and head out the door! Sometimes it’s best if I just get us out the door ASAP in the mornings if I plan to get out that day and run any errands.

Here we are in Fred’s. Our small town’s version of Target. We picked up vitamins, Old Spice for daddy, toilet paper… and OMG what fun! Seriously, EVERYTHING is a blast with this kid.


Next stop on our morning errands… the grocery store! Yay applesss!!!


Later we arrive back home, unload, and check on the pets. Poor fur babies. They definitely are not in the spotlight as much these days. But they have adjusted well and love John Clark. Sixx licks him a lot, which is really kind of an issue because her mouth goes in DISGUSTING places… actually, she is imagining licking him in this picture…


The cats are pretty much good to go as long as they have food and a place to sleep. Such low maintenance creatures.


Next, we took pity on Sixx and took her for a walk. JC rides in the Kinderpack. I <3 Babywearing.


JC loves seeing the sights along our nature walks. It’s so much fun to see the world again through brand new eyes.

There’s a big tree in the woods that fell over a long time ago… we leave it alone for critters to find sanctuary. Plus it looks cool ;)


The azaleas were peaking this week.


Don’t forget about the fur baby!


After our lovely walk, it was time for John Clark’s lunch/nap. I have found walks to be a great aid in winding down before nap time.


After a good 2-3 hour nap (I can’t remember which length it was), it was was about time to get started on supper. No, I didn’t make pictures of myself during the nap. Picture me tip-toeing around doing house chores plus a little computer time. Back to JC: He likes to watch me cook, and I enjoy entertaining with a little song and dance while we listen to music, showing him different foods, making noises with cooking utensils… things like that. His favorite kitchen thing is when I scramble eggs. He giggles every time!


He must have gotten a little antsy in his chair, and while I do encourage independent play – and he LOVES rolling around on his play mat in the living room – momma needed to cook without running into the living room 10 times to “fetch” the baby before he rolled under the couch, ate a cat toy, chewed on a cord, etc.

This is where babywearing comes into our day again :)

I carry little JC on my back – he loves swinging those feet and looking around at everything from my level – and I love being hands-free to finish supper, all while “holding” my content baby!



The back carries don’t last as long as the front carries… not for us anyway. But it bought me just enough time to finish what I was doing before Mr. Kicky McSquirms killed my back.

What’s for dinner? Looks like I made fried pork cutlets (my mother-in-law turned me on to these) and I used my new bamboo steamer for veggies. GET A BAMBOO STEAMER. It will change your life.


When daddy got home we ate and enjoyed our precious evening family time. I must have been a little too busy to take pictures of all that, but here’s one more from this day – we realized we had not sent Mimi (my mom) a photo yet! We always like to keep her up-to-date on our goings on, especially since she lives a few hours away and doesn’t get to see us as often as we’d like.

Whitman (cat) decided he needed to be in the picture.


Not pictured: Diaper changes and plenty of nursing and cuddles :)

I think I’ll do more photologs and make the next one even better!

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